Trial Pack -Nature Wax - 250g

Trial Pack -Nature Wax - 250g
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!!<>!!In our new, smaller taster pack, this pure, 100% natural vegetable wax is a great and simple product for anyone who delves into the wonderful craft of Batik. Simply melt the wax, dip in your tjanting or brush and start applying! Once melted, the wax is very stable and can be kept in a molten state for an extended period of time.!!<>!!

!!<>!!Batik Instructions:!!<>!!
. Melt the wax and wait until it runs clear.
. On a stretched silk, paint a brightly coloured background, using as many shades as you like.
. When the silk has dried, dip your tjanting or brush into the wax and apply a pattern that would cover approx. 50% of your silk fabric.
. Once dry, apply a darker colour of paint over the entirety of the silk.
. Wait until dry, then place a sheet of paper above and below your silk and iron until wax is transferred onto the sheet.
. Any remaining excess wax can be washed out with normal detergent.

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