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Q: What does m/m mean?

A: m/m means mommes per metre. The word momme is an ancient Chinese measure used for light items such as pearls. The lower the number of mommes per metre, the finer or lighter the silk

Q: What if I change my mind and want to return an item?

A: That's fine with us. You would need to post the item back to us, at your own cost, in its original condition and obtain a certificate of posting. We will then refund the original payment method

Q: What is the difference between steam fixed and iron fixed silk paints

A: Steam fixed silk paints need to be fixed by steaming using a vegetable steamer, or if you have done a random design, you can use the microwave. Iron fixed paints are the most convenient as you iron them for a couple of minutes after they have dried and then the item can be washed. (If you are using Pebeo gutta, please leave 48 hours between ironing and washing your item)